RD985Connector is a small program to read data (see picture below) via SNMP from your Hytera RD985. Currently this is a read only program. RD985Connector is Freeware but please refer to this page instead of uploading it to your website.

The program is designed for the Brandmeister Network but will work with all RD985 (except the links on the left side).

You agree that you use this program at your own risk !

Current Version: 1.1.0
Release Date: 10.02.2017
Changelog: Click to jump to the Changelog
Download:   RD985Connector

– Java Version 8 (Download Java)
– Hytera RD985 (seems logic ^^) with at least Firmware 7
– Network access to your Repeater via Port 161

– currently there is no error handling, means if you are not able to get a connection to your repeater you will not get an error message
– if you use a proxy, the program will not work
– if you use the program outside of you local network (access over internet / HAM net) you should set the Auto Refresh above 2 seconds to avoid timing problems
– how ever use the 1 second Auto Refresh only for a short time because there are a lot of queries stressing the repeater in each update interval (each field is one query)
—> in general it is not a good idea to have public access to your repeater, use it carefully and open ports only as long as you use it
– if the SWR is to low/good, the program will show a 0 (zero) this is not a bug in the program, the zero is provided by the Repeater itself

Trouble Shouting:
– if the program is not starting, check your Java version (should be Version 8)
– if your settings are 100% ok, check if the firewall allows the program to access the network, also check if the router allows access via the desired port (usually port 161)

How to use the program

After you start the program click on
File –> Configure IPs
This will open the settings window shown below

Currently there are options for 3 repeater, if you manage more than 3 give me a call and I will (if I have time ^^) add more options.

In general the settings are self explaining

Name: a name for the entry, usually the call of the repeater

IP: the IP address (without http://) or an internet address (with http:// or https://)

Port: the network port, usually 161 in the local network, if you access you repeater via the internet / HAM net the port number may be different, depending on your router settings

After you finished your settings click on „Save Settings“ to close the window.

Now you can select your repeater in the drop down menu on the top of the program.

Click on „Connect / Refresh“ to get a single snapshot of the repeater data

Auto Refresh

This function is designed to update the data automatically, select the update interval (Sekunde = Second / Sekunden = Seconds) and click on „Start

If the Auto Refresh is running the Button „Start“ will change to „Stop„, click on „Stop“ to stop Auto refresh.

You can change the update interval during Auto Refresh is running, the settings will apply after the next interval of the current setting


Version 1.1.0
– added error handling
– smal layout changes (size of some fields)
– DropDown and Connect/Refresh Button are now disabled while Autorefresh is running
– in AutoRefresh Mode I removed 6 „fixed queries“ (like model number, Firmware …)
– removed the german word for Second(s) and replaced it with the english word

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